Jodelle & Brynn Wedding

They decided to get married in Villas las Flores closer to Palo Seco Beach, that offers many activities to do, you can make large solitary walks in a  huge beach 12 km long, can enjoy a boat tour Jet ski or the magnificent mangroves to observe the fauna and flora, monkeys, crocodiles, birds, you can go horseback riding along the beach. 

Palo Seco Beach  is located a few kilometers from Quepos and Manuel Antonio gives you the option of multiple tours, visit the magnificent Manuel Antonio National Park with guides, Canopy (Zip Line) flying above the treetops of the rainforests, ATV tours, Rafting in tropical rivers, Catamaran rides to the observation of whales and dolphins and snorkel, walk alone on the roads of Rain Maker rainforest with its waterfalls and many other possible tours.


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