Enna + Justin at La Fortuna Waterfall

We keep our main focus on the artistic quality of our pictures, our expertise in the Costa Rica Wedding Photography area and our photographers’ technical and artistic skills, are the perfect combination that will result in the best option for documenting your most precious visual treasures.


Costa Rica Wedding Photography is a professional team run by married couple Carlos Charpentier and Pamela Fuster, ones of the most seasoned and talented professional photographers in Costa Rica.

We don’t merely register weddings, we provide you with a complete story made out of beautiful images executed with conscious technical care as well as with the inspiration reserved
for a true artistic endeavor. Our unforgettable images are the perfect complement to the memory
of the most important moment of your married life.

Getting married in Costa Rica is a privilege, but at the same time, it poses the need to seize the opportunity of making it all worthwhile.

Not only do we know the area and its hidden visual treasures, we are also committed to the task
of taking advantage of such treasures in order to produce the most amazing images of your wedding.

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