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The Destination Wedding of Your Dreams.

Jill & David decide to getting married at the tranquil beach of Ocotal, that is situated in Costa Rica's stunning Guanacaste Province on the northern Pacific coast. In Guanacaste, there is a world of pristine white sand beaches lined with swaying palm trees, endless summer days, and breathtaking sunsets. The region is home to a vast stretch of tropical dry forest that houses abundant wildlife and beautiful birds.

Playa Ocotal is a fantastic place to scuba dive with Manta Ray, schools of tropical fish, turtles, sharks, and octopus. Sport fishing, Surfing, Horseback riding, and sailing are also popular activities in the area.

Nearby Playa Ocotal, restaurants, bars, luxury and budget hotels, discos, casinos, and plenty of nightlife fun can be found at Playas del Coco, the largest village in the Guanacaste Province. Adjoining Playa Coco is the exotic beach of Playa Conchal, with a seashore made up of millions of tiny, crushed shells. 

A great advantage of traveling to Playa Ocotal and the surrounding Guanacaste beaches is the close proximity to the Liberia International Airport, which facilitates easy-access to the region.

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Ashley & Tyler Wedding

Ashley & Tyler getting married at Pangas Beach Club in the pristine Tamarindo Beach.  Tamarindo has evolved to be the area’s most developed and accessible tourist town.  Located on the central west coast of the Nicoya Peninsula, Tamarindo offers visitors of every budget a chance to experience the region’s unspoiled beaches and incredible biodiversity in a range of accommodations.  Despite the town’s recent and ongoing development, it retains the laid-back vibe that is so characteristic of the region.
About Pangas Beach Club. The restaurant itself is located right at the end of the beach & has a very cool, modern vibe. The food is delicious, the best food you can have in the area.


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